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Yi Wu HongDe perfume bottle Co., Ltd.

Yiwu hongde Perfume Bottle Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of zinc alloy perfume bottles and caps. Since its inception, the factory has been based on integrity and customer recognition. The factory, built nearly 15 years ago, has a floor area of 6,300 square meters, more than 300 skilled workers and a monthly output of 300000 units. We have a professional design and development team to develop 10 new models per month. We are a sustainable business. We have sales offices in Yiwu, China and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to provide customers with high quality products and services.

The company's business and product quality have developed rapidly. It belongs to the combination of manufacturing factories and trading companies. There is no middleman to earn the price difference. While ensuring the product quality, we have the appropriate price. Moreover, most of our products can be shipped within 15 days. The scientific technical management method is the basis of the company's operation. The spirit of sincere unity and cooperation of the employees of the whole company is the precious wealth of the company. The company has continuously improved and developed, established an effective internal management mechanism, and successfully introduced the ISO9001 standard management system in March 2018.

As a perfume bottle manufacturing trade factory, we have 10 automatic injection molding machines, 8 zinc alloy machines, 2 slitting machines and 5 inkjet printers. Five laser engraving machines, thousands of crystal, glass and zinc alloy molds, as well as 20 manual quality inspection lines, full-automatic polishing machines, one full-automatic inspection machine, two semi-automatic inspection equipment, three high-speed die-cutting machines, etc. we can meet the different needs of different customers and different quantities. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries