• Guangzhou Exhibition online broadcast 2020

        The live broadcast of Guangzhou Exhibition online 2020 can only be carried out online due to the epidemic
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  • Friends of Saudi Arabia and our company

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  • Cooperation mode and general problems of Hongde Crafts Co., Ltd

    1. What is the transaction process?     Business negotiation → proforma invoice / contract → deposit → good preparation through approved samples → goods inspection → balance of payments → delivery by freight forwarder → surrender → transport to your door     2. What surface tr...
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  • New product release of Yiwu Hongde Crafts Co., Ltd

    congratulate:   The company focuses on the research and development of new aluminum alloy zinc alloy plastic octagonal bottles – continuous opening and innovation, but also pays great attention to customers’ requirements and suggestions.     People from all walks of lif...
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  • Several changes in zinc alloy die casting industry

    Zinc alloy die casting industry is an important livelihood industry with full market competition and closely related to people’s life. It has the characteristics of small products, large market and large industry. In recent years, Dongguan zinc alloy die casting industry has achieved sustai...
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  • Electroplating of zinc alloy perfume bottle

    Electroplating of zinc alloy perfume bottle

    Zinc alloy wine bottle cap is a kind of die casting with zinc as the main component. There is a very dense surface layer on the surface of the die casting, and inside it is an open porous structure and a lively amphoteric metal. Therefore, only by adopting proper pretreatment method and electropl...
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  • Characteristics of zinc alloy perfume bottle cap material

    Zinc alloy wine bottle cap, as the name suggests, uses the raw material is zinc alloy. What are the characteristics of zinc alloy products? 1. Characteristics of zinc alloy 1. Large relative proportion. 2. Good casting performance, can die-casting complex shape, thin-walled precision parts, casti...
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  • Causes and solutions of blistering in zinc alloy electroplating

    Core tips: zinc alloys are widely used in bathroom, bags, shoes and accessories, because of its convenience, plasticity, low cost and high efficiency. Zinc alloy is widely used in sanitary ware, bags, shoes and clothing accessories due to its convenient forming, strong plasticity, low cost and hi...
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  • Shop in Saudi Arabia

    Shop in Saudi Arabia

    In 2016, our company opened overseas sample rooms and stores in Riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Welcome to the store Shop address: Jeddah al khaskia King Abdul Aziz st near al Rajhi bank
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  • Hong Kong Expo 2020

    Hong Kong Expo 2020

    Cosmoprof Asia is a professional beauty Fair held annually by Bologna fiere and Asia Bowen limited. The Asia Pacific beauty show continues the concept of two places. By expanding the scope of the exhibition, it allows exhibitors to increase the scale of the exhibition, and also facilitates visito...
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  • Dubai Expo 2020

    Dubai Expo 2020

    World Trade Fair in Dubai, UAE and famous enterprises from September 14 to September 16, 2020 hilton.IKEA.Marriott . jumeirah.Woodsbagot . and other 1175 enterprises were invited to participate in the exhibition Audience distribution: 92% from Gulf States: UAE – 80%, Bahrain – 1%, Sau...
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  • Shanghai Meibo Expo 2020

    Shanghai Meibo Expo 2020

    Exhibition time: July 29-31, 2020 Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu District) Cibe Shanghai dahongqiao fair was founded in 1989. Cibe China International Fair is one of the largest and oldest exhibition platforms in China. Over the past 30 y...
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